Liquitex Basics Review
Top Five Reasons Liquitex is my #1 Go to for acrylic paint 🎨
I’m sure you have guessed based off of my picture above, I might be slightly fond of Liquitex Basics! I consider this to be my number one go to for acrylics. Have you ever stood staring aimlessly in your local crafts store at the seemingly endless options of paints? Well if you are anything like me, a self taught artist with zero professional training or classes, then I’m sure you know the exact look I’m describing. Well I’m pleased to tell you one key piece of advice. If you’re an amateur with very little experience then liquitex is a very good place to consider starting. Why you may ask?
1. In the grand scheme of things, liquitex is affordable 2. The ease of use and versatility is (in my opinion) unparalleled! 3. Liquitex comes in different levels based off of your experience. For example there are three main types soft, medium or heavy which is considered artist level full body. 4. The many different choices and variations of colors are awesome. Not to mention the many different mediums that can be used with liquitex to create any look or texture you want. 5. The way the colors blend together and dry make it perfect for artists of any level of experience. Create well blended seamless effects or harder unmixed lines the choice is yours. Liquitex is easy to move while not drying too quickly. Having play in your paint is key for beginners. I know it was for myself!